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About the Lifebridge Foundation

Lifebridge Mission

The Lifebridge Foundation, Inc. was established in 1992 for the purpose of supporting organizations and individuals who, through cultural, educational, and/or scientific means, are creating bridges of understanding among all people by actions to realize the oneness of humanity and the interconnectedness of all life.

We support groups and individuals whose innovative projects reflect the oneness perspective; whose work exemplifies a global vision, demonstrates a spirit of inclusiveness, and fosters transformative action in a changing world. More

History & Background

The Lifebridge Foundation, Inc. was incorporated and funded as a small independent family foundation in 1992. This marked the beginning of an absorbing and compelling journey into the relatively uncharted territory of what could be termed "holistic activism". The idea was to foster the truths of the underlying planetary unity and the factual reality of a single human race through philanthropy. The Foundation was established to provide opportunity for groups and individuals who were working to promote these ideas. Since that time, over 200 non-profit organizations and individuals have been helped to fulfill their missions. A wide and inclusive mission statement reflecting openness and breadth was key. More

A Break from Funding

Since 2005 Lifebridge Foundation has been on a break from regular funding as the focus shifted to the work of establishing the Lifebridge Sanctuary. Our vision is that the Sanctuary will offer guests a unique experience that most large conference and retreat centers are unable to provide: Intimacy, Beauty, Simplicity and gracious accommodations. It is a place far enough away from the daily din to give groups the opportunity to be creative, introspective, and contemplative. The calm and beauty of the Sanctuary helps those who gather there be reflective and thoughtful.

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Your Support

At the moment we are using funds to establish the Lifebridge Sanctuary and offer the space at the lowest possible cost to groups whose missions support the concept of one humanity and the interconnectedness of all life. To do this and return to a regular program of grants, we need your financial support. More