1772 Stone House

Green Building With a History

1772 Stone House

The Lifebridge Sanctuary is a renovation and extension of the original 1772 Stone House which was the heart of this eighteenth century family farm. Building materials, including stones, timber beams and siding from ruined out buildings on the farm have been incorporated in the renovation.

During the 1950's the property was used as a small spiritual retreat for catholic nuns and the remains of a shrine can still be seen on the site of a natural spring. In September of 2005, after a ten year renovation, Lifebridge Foundation opened the Sanctuary as a place for groups to experience an atmosphere of deep beauty, privacy and quiet. Whether you are looking for a single day, or a multi-day experience, The Sanctuary is right for your group. Our intention is to offer you and your group the opportunity to utilize the Sanctuary to stimulate cutting edge and forward looking conversations.

Green Building Features

Sanctuary fireplace inlayLifebridge Sanctuary utilizes many green building techniques and uses only green cleaning materials so as to provide a healthy interior environment for our guests. Approved by Co-Op America as a certified green building, some of the most prominent features include: re-cycled newspaper insulation throughout, 35% bamboo floors, local oak hardwood floors, Trex decking on all outdoor decks and steps, all low VOC paint and stains, energy efficient lighting throughout, area wool rugs, radiant heat, locally and sustainably harvested trees for vertical support beams, reclaimed rocks for the fireplaces, pure cotton and wool bedding, recycled wheat chaff kitchen cabinets, and much more.


Our pure spring water arrives at the Sanctuary after flowing through the quartz conglomerate of the Shawangunk Ridge. It is pumped and filtered from our spring fed well and tested regularly to assure safety. At the Sanctuary, there is no need for guests to buy or bring bottled water. We encourage you to re-fill your own bottles and avoid unnecessary waste and recycling.

Caring Artisan Builders

Sanctuary staircaseThe Sanctuary renovation work was completed over a ten year period by a skilled and caring group of women and men. To a considerable extent it is their creativity and concern to build something with a unique spirit and soul that has given the building the special atmosphere it has today. Please check the list below of the local builders and artisans who played a role in the transformation of a 1772 Stone House into the Lifebridge Sanctuary.

Main credit is due to Victorian Builders and their highly skilled team.

Victorian Builders

Victorian Builders 368 Marcott Rd.
Cottekill, NY 12419
Phone: 845-687-7764
Fax: 687-4264
Email: eva@victorianbuilders.com
Web: www.VictorianBuilders.com

With Thanks to:

Entry Stairs

Adirondack Stairs, Inc.
PO Box 419
Saugerties, NY 12477

Kitchen Cabinets

Neil Kelly Cabinets
804 North Alberta St.
Portland, Oregon 97217
Tel: 503-288-NEIL
Fax: 503-282-7932
Email: RickF@neilkelly.com
Web: www.NeilKellyCabinets.com

Kitchen Countertops

Barra & Trumbore
40 Old Mine Road
Kerkhonkson, NY 12446
Tel: 845-626-5442
Fax: 845-626-5476
Email: Rock.talk@barratrumbore.com
Web: www.barratrumbore.com

Upper Room Chandelier

Bell Tower Lighting
398 Main Street
Rosendale, NY 12472
Tel: 845-658-8077
Email: louis@belltowerlighting.com
Web: www.belltowerlighting.com


Karl Steubesand Painting
Rhinebeck, NY
Tel: 845-876-4353
Fax: 845-876-3732
Email: karlsteubesand@aol.com
Web: fauxrealny.tripod.com/id16.html

Special Painting

Muriel Hansen
Email: MurielHansen@fauxrealnewyork.com

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo Advantage
PO Box 146617
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 877-226-2728
Fax: 617-670-1837
Email: info@bambooadvantage.com
Web: www.BambooAdvantage.com

Floor and Wall Tiles

Mulvaneys Custom Tiles
1282 Churchland lane
Saugerties, NY 12477
Tel: 845-246-7400
Email: info@mtiles.com
Web: www.mtiles.com

Fireplace Doors

Emig's Ornamental Ironworks

Custom sink

Westcote Bell Pottery
PO Box 433
High Falls, NY 12440
Email: info@bellpottery.com
Web: www.BellPottery.com

Brochure Graphic Design

Kerri Vitek
15 Vitek Lane
Cottekill, NY 12419
Tel: 845-687-9060
Email: kerri@kerrivitek.com
Web: www.KerriVitek.com