Bridge of Glory

What’s New at Lifebridge?


          Join Us for a "Meet the Artist"

              Wine and Cheese Reception


        Featuring Hudson Valley Artist, Rudy Vavra

                               "Trash, News and Paint"


               Sunday September 17, 2023 2 - 4 PM

             Free event     All are Welcome   845-658-3439

Celebrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

with a focus on Goal #13, Climate Action


                            "Covering the News #5 2020"


                                                                                         27" x 36"    




             An evening conversation with Sean Dague

Head of the Hudson Valley Chapter of the Citizen's Climate Lobby

                     "A view from the Clean Energy Future"

We are at the beginning of an energy transition away from highly polluting energy sources to cleaner and safer ones. Over the next thirty years, the world will transform in some expected — and some unexpected — ways. Sean will discuss what a clean energy future will look like for the average household.

                   This event is part of Sustainable Hudson Valley's

                                  CLIMATE SOLUTIONS WEEK

                  Tuesday September 19, 6 - 7:30

     Lifebridge Sanctuary      free event         All are welcome




Gallery at Lifebridge Sanctuary


2023 Gallery at Lifebridge Sanctuary

The Gallery at Lifebridge Sanctuary features art exhibits reflecting the themes of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

If you want to be added to our e list for Gallery openings please email us at or phone 845-658-3439.


We are looking for artists whose work reflects the work of the United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals    



 Inaugurating the New Solar Array at the Sanctuary

solar panels

In November 2011 Kevin Cahill, Chair of the New York State Assembly Energy Committee, and guests officially inaugurated the new solar array at Lifebridge Sanctuary. During the summer and fall, Lotus Energy installed forty-eight solar panels on six poles around the pond in front of the building. The system is expected to provide 85% of the electricity needs for the Sanctuary and over the next twenty-five years will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 261 tons of CO2 - that's equivalent to planting 10,436 trees. More



                               SHARING THE HARVEST


Many groups and individuals are currently working to solve the problem of hunger in their local areas by planting an extra row in their garden, donating to food banks and soup kitchens and becoming involved in various ways. We encourage you to learn more about what you can do in your local community. Some of our local agencies are:    

The Rosendale Food Pantry

Food Bank of the Hudson Valley

The Queen's Galley

See also: Plant a Row, Just Food and Feed the Hungry are just a few. Search your local area for ways to help!                         

    This effort is in support of the UN Millennium Development Goals - an effort        by governments and people to significantly reduce hunger and poverty by 2015.





Hear Lifebridge representatives live on WAMC

Barbara Valocore and Steve Nation speak on WAMC's Roundtable about Peace Day. Listen live.

International Day of Peace Vigil   September 21, 2009

The International Day of Peace is celebrated all over the world in local communities in countless diverse ways. Join a global 24 hour meditation vigil Monday, September 21, 2009 sponsored by Intuition in Service. Register online here.


              300,000 people participated in the IDP Vigil in Sri Lanka, 2004   

Other IDP Resources:

International Day of Peace

World Peace Prayer Society

International Day of Peace Vigil

United Nations International Day of Peace

Gaia Field Peace Day

Join a Global Meditation Vigil

Millennium Development Goals Project

As a contribution to the global mobilization of will around the Millennium Development Goals, in 2007 Lifebridge Foundation initiated a series of public discussions on the Goals for the local Hudson Valley community. In 2009 the group is holding periodic discussion meetings plus several public events. Details

Library Donation

On 7/7/07 the Lifebridge MDG Project Group donated a collection of 25 books on the Millennium Development Goals to the Rosendale Public Library. More

Town Resolution

As a result of the group's preparation for the Library donation, Lifebridge staff made an informational presentation to the Town Board of Rosendale, NY. At this meeting the Town suggested they adopt a resolution supporting the MDG's. More

Town of Rochester has followed with their own resolution on August 7, 2008.

Community Week 2007

Many friends came to help our work, some from as far away as Moscow!

See details here.


Painting: “Bridge of Glory” by Nicholas Roerich, used by permission of the Nicholas Roerich Museum.